Please respect the moor

Please note that since this entry was written, the moor is now subject to a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) – the terms and details of which can be seen on numerous signs at entry points to the moor.

These terms and conditions of the PSPO supersede and override any advice offered on this page

As well as being home to a variety of plants and animals, Crompton Moor is a popular place for people to spend their leisure time.

Please help us in our work to protect Crompton Moor by making yourself aware of what is, and what isn’t acceptable behaviour before you visit the moor to pursue your hobby or interest.

  • whatever you are doing on the moor, please don’t drop litter
  • if you are walking your dog, please bag and bin any poo. Bagging it and then dumping the bag is no better – please take it to a bin.
  • if you are riding a horse or a bike, please stick to the marked bridleways. Please note that none of the bridleways go through any of the wooded areas.
  • if you are using a disposable barbecue, please only use it in the walled area near the car park, and dispose of the barbecue safely after it has cooled.
  • please do not climb over fences or dry-stone walls.

and finally, three of the biggest threats to the Crompton Moor come from the following:-

Off-roading with bikes, quads or 4WD vehicles is not allowed on Crompton Moor, including the quarries.

If you are seen doing this, you WILL be reported to the police, who recently issued this statement in their monthly newsletter:-

“Crompton Moor – illegal activity

Off road bikes and motorcyclists do not have the permission of the land owner OMBC to use the land for vehicles. Any activity with vehicles in this area is illegal.

Criminal Damage – Damage is being caused to the moorland and boundary fences by people trying to access the land for illegal activities. Offenders will be prosecuted

Anti-social behaviour – The police have the power to seize vehicles if anti-social behaviour is evident.

Litter – You are reminded that whatever you take with you should be either disposed of in an appropriate way or taken away with you when you leave. Do not leave litter in the area. The police will issue a £50 fixed penalty if you are seen dropping litter.

Please respect the environment or face the consequences.

Report offenders to the police on 101 – please provide as much information as possible, registration numbers, descriptions, names etc.”

Camping is not allowed anywhere on Crompton Moor.

If the police are called, they can impose £80 fixed penalty notices.

Lighting fires is not allowed on Crompton Moor.